Our WHMCS plugin is the easiest way to start selling VPN via your website.

Download: GitHub Download

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the module from our GitHub page (link above)
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Copy the "modules" folder to your WHMCS root directory

Initial Configuration Instructions

Open the server configuration tab

Add new server

Setup new server with following parameters:

  • Name: DeployVPN
  • Hostname: api.privacyservers.nl
  • Type: DeployVPN WHMCS Module
  • Username: Your Public API key (can be found in the control panel via "Dashboard > API Management")
  • Password: Your Private API key (can be found in the control panel via "Dashboard > API Management")

Other fields can be left empty. You can test your connection by using the "Test Connection Button"

Create new server group

Done! Your WHMCS installation is now setup with our module. Time to create products!

Product Creation

Create new products as you need, keeping the following settings in mind:

  • Bandwidth: Limit the users bandwidth usage. Set to 0 to allow unlimited bandwidth.
  • Renewal term: Should match the product renewal term.
  • Label: Set this label to your own liking, to identify WHMCS created users in the DeployVPN panel.
  • Server Group: Set it to the created server group "DeployVPN"

Users will be created without auto-renew. WHMCS will automatically renew the user once the renewal invoice is paid.

You're now finished! You can now successfully sell WHMCS services with our platform.

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