Our pricing is very simple and straightforward. We do not require any upfront payment and there is no setup fee or monthly recurring fee.

Our pricing is per account basis. Each account created will be debited from your credit balance, which can be recharged prepaid. 

  • 1 month $3.5 USD 
  • 3 months $9.99 ($3.33 / month) 
  • 6 months $18.99 ($3.17 / month) 
  • 1 year $34.99 ($2.92 / month) 
  • 2 years $49.99 ($2.08 / month) 
  • 3 years $54.99 ($1.53 / month) 

If you delete an account which has not used more than 200 MB and is deleted within 7 days in the first month, it is entitled to a refund and you can refund your customers.

Every VPN user gets a 250 GB bandwidth allowance, which is added to your bandwidth pool. Example, if you have 100 active users, you can share 25 TB over all your active users. If you have 1000, you can use 250 TB. 

Most resellers do not need additional bandwidth. However, it is possible to purchase additional bandwidth in 10 TB increments. 

The monthly pricing will depend on how many active users you have and which area you mainly serve. Bandwidth in Asia en Oceania will be more expensive than EU or USA bandwidth. Please contact sales for a quote on additional bandwidth.

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