• Can I use my own logo and designs in the software?

    Yes, we recommend that you do so. We can apply any branding to one of our many apps.
  • Can you design our apps for us?

    Yes, we can design fully custom mobile and desktop apps for your VPN brand. We work together with skilled developers to realize your VPN project.
  • Can you handle payment processing for my customers?

    We do not provide payment processing services. Most of our customers use our WHMCS integration or they use our API to connect with their custom website.
  • What is the difference between affiliate and reseller ?

    Affiliate marketing is completely different from reselling. With affiliate marketing, you market an existing VPN provider and you do not have to build your brand, provide support or manage infrastructure. You just need to promote an existing VPN service and depending on the agreement you will get...
  • Where can I find the client software?

    You can connect to our VPN network using our white-label "VPNConnect" software. Windows: Download (VPNConnect.exe) ( Mac:  Download (VPNConnect.dmg) ( You can di...
  • Will you provide support to my customers?

    No, we do not provide support to your end-users. Because we do not spend money on marketing, customer service, payment processing etc, we can provide you lower prices so you can make more money!